Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the procedure to get a quote?

2. How long does it take for a booking to be confirmed?

3. How long is the provided quotations valid for?

4. What information should be provided to get a quote?

5. From which specific areas & country NSL accept shipment?

6. Can I ship my hazardous cargo with NSL?

7. Do you provide complete custom clearing service?

8. Do you provide door to door services?

9. What is the difference between Ex-works, FOB & CIF shipment?

10. What is the difference between out -of- gauge and break-bulk cargo?

11. Who does the insurance of shipment?

12. How do I organize custom clearance for my shipment?

13. What are the major documents that I need to provide to NSL before and during my shipment process?

14. What are the documents required to submit in custom clearance Nepal during import process?

15. What are the documents required to submit in custom clearance during export from Nepal?

16. What are the basic term and condition under which custom valuation is done?

17. Can I get my original B/L before vessel sails if I have paid all the necessary charges?

18. Can I switch consignee or Shipper after B/L has been issued?

19. Can I change the details in B/L after issue?

20. How do I verify if my goods are actually shipped?

21. Whom do I need to speak in case my cargo has not arrived at delivery point at predefined time?

22. How long will it take for my cargo to clear through custom?

23. Can NSL accept Shipment payment anywhere besides the POL (Port of Loading) and POD (Port of Discharge)?

24. I need to change the delivery time of my cargo after shipment confirmation. Is this possible?

25. Can I change my place of discharge or final delivery point after I get my Bill of Lading (B/L)?

26. How do I cancel booking if need to cancel after confirmation?

27. What are detention charges and when it is applicable?